Climate Justice Project Academic Publications and Discussion Papers

The Climate Justice Project brings together a multi-disciplinary team of academics from three BC universities, and researchers and advisors from environmental organizations, First Nations, labour unions, social justice groups, and other research institutes. 

Much of the Climate Justice Project's research has been published by the CCPA and is available here. In addition, its research has been published in books, discussion papers, journal articles, and periodicals – some examples of these are listed below.

Discussion Papers

Covering Climate

A Comparative Assessment of B.C. Media

May 2010 | Shane Gunster, Simon Fraser University


Radical Optimism

Expanding Visions of Climate Politics in Alternative Media

November 2011 | Shane Gunster, Simon Fraser University


Journal Articles & Periodicals

Covering Copenhagen: Climate Change in BC Media

In Canadian Journal of Communication, Volume 36, No 3

2011 | Shane Gunster


Climate Justice

Branchlines, Volume 24, #4

2013 | David Tindall


Enabling environments: Reflections on journalism and climate justice

In Ethical Space: The International Journal of Communication Ethics, pp. 33-46

July 2013 | Robert A Hackett, Sara Wylie, & Pinar Gurleyen


Book Chapters

Visions of Climate Politics in Alternative Media

In Climate Change Politics: Communication and Public Engagement, pp. 247-277.

2012 | Shane Gunster; Eds. Anabela Carvalho and Tarla Rai Peterson.


Who Needs Objectivity? Journalism in Crisis, Journalism for Crisis

In Deliberation, Diversity and Dollars: Public Strategies for Journalism in the Canadian Media Ecology

February 24, 2014 (date submitted for review) | Pinar Gurleyen & Robert A. Hackett; Eds. Mike Gasher, Colette Brin, Christine Crowther, Gretchen King, Errol Salamon &Simon Thibault