About the Project

The CCPA Education Project was established in 1996 to monitor corporate intrusion in public education. Since its inception, the project has produced a number of books, periodicals and reports on a wide range of education-related issues, including: the impact of high-stakes testing; voucher and charter schools; education reform; private money in public schools (including user fees, advertising, sponsorship and fundraising campaigns); education finance; and post-secondary education reform.

In 2000 the CCPA began publishing Our Schools / Our Selves, the popular quarterly education journal established in 1988. Our Schools / Our Selves continues to be a lively forum for debates and discussion on a number of topics such as Aboriginal education, anti-racism classroom programs, sex education, peace studies, commercialism, environmental education, child care, and authentic classroom assessment. Additionally, the OS/OS book series was established in 2008.

The Education Project has also produced a number of reports and books, such as Challenging McWorld, Passing the Test: The false promises of standardized testing, MaththatMatters: A teacher resource linking math and social justice, Corporate Initiatives on Campus, Beyond Child's Play: Caring for and education young children in Canada, and Who's Calling the Shots?: Commercialism in Canadian Schools.