Erika Shaker, Director

Erika ShakerErika has been at the CCPA since early 1997 as director of the Education Project, which was originally established to monitor corporate involvement in public education, but with the help of a dedicated circle of research associates broadened its focus to include books, reports and articles on standardized testing, social justice in schools, education finance, technology and privacy, and education restructuring. The Project has produced a series of reports and, since 2000, the quarterly magazine "Our Schools / Our Selves" (founded in 1988).

Erika has a BA in History from McGill University and an MA in English Literature (with a focus on critical literary analysis) from the University of Guelph. Prior to coming to the CCPA, she worked in Washington DC researching the corporatization of childhood, and was one of the founders of UNPLUG (which became the now-defunct Center for Commercial-Free Public Education).