About the Good Economy Project

The Good Economy Project was created to propose an alternative economic vision for British Columbia — one that puts public investment, tax fairness and the creation of good, sustainable jobs at the core of economic policymaking. The project is in part a response to the provincial government’s BC Jobs Plan — which, as our research indicates, simply isn’t working. The project is also a response to years of provincial government policy-making almost entirely focused on resource extraction at the expense of a wider economic agenda. As our research shows, there is no shortage of compelling ideas that will drive growth and fairness in the BC economy. We need the private sector to step up, but there is also a great deal the provincial and federal governments can do to create well paid, sustainable jobs across BC, in rural communities and urban centres alike. Increased public investment, funded by a more fair tax system, is vital if we are going to build an economy rich in good jobs and with a strong social safety net.