About the Project

The Canadian Centre for Policy Alternatives' Growing Gap project takes an in-depth and sustained look at one of the biggest challenges of our time: Worsening income and wealth inequality in Canada. Our team of economists and researchers have been tracking household income, wealth, spending and credit data, unearthing a troubling phenomenon.

Canada's income gap between the rich and the rest of us used to narrow during good economic times and widen during recessions. That trend has shifted, as more Canadian households find they're working longer and harder just to keep financially afloat. Many are falling behind. And this happened during one of the most prosperous economic growth periods in Canada's history.

The Growing Gap team will continue to track the changing nature of Canada's economy, work and income trends, and policies that help or worsen the problem of income inequality. The research to date has been clear: Governments have a strong role to play in implementing policies that help keep a lid on growing inequality, to make sure Canada's economy works for everyone, not just a privileged few.