About Us

Labour Matters is a product of the Trade Union Research Collective (TURC). TURC is a project of the Canadian Centre for Policy Alternatives.

No country has ever achieved widespread prosperity and created a large middle class without strong unions.

Generations of hard-fought union struggles brought Canadians the eight-hour day and the weekend; workplace health and safety legislation and employment standards; income supports for new parents and training for unemployed workers; public pensions and minimum wages; protections for injured workers and equal pay for equal work.

Unions helped organize the extension of these negotiated workplace-based achievements to the whole workforce through legislation.

The international evidence shows unequivocally that where unions are strong they reduce the pay gap between workers and management, men and women, racial minorities and other workers. All over the world unions are a major force in reducing inequality and poverty, and broadening access to basic supports for everyone.

The overall goal of TURC is to promote greater understanding of the positive role unions play in the workplace, in the labour market, in the community, and in the wider society.

Its aim is to produce and disseminate high quality research presented in an accessible fashion; provide a forum for commentary and fact sheets on union-related issues; and provide a platform for sharing research of interest to unions and the broader community.