About the Manitoba Research Alliance Project

The Manitoba Research Alliance is a closely-knit group of academic researchers and community and government partners. The CCPA's Manitoba office (CCPA-MB), the lead organization on our 3 successful SSHRC projects, has a solid reputation for working collaboratively and producing quality, policy-relevant research. Our work is interdisciplinary, widely accessible and facilitates the multi-directional flow of knowledge. The training of future scholars and community researchers is an integral part of all our projects. Our genuine partnerships have given us unique community access and enabled an original contribution to an understanding of the complex problems we want to continue to study, and a clear understanding of our next steps. 

While we focus on Manitoba to build on previous research and ensure an in-depth analysis, our research has broad importance. Because inner cities and Aboriginal communities everywhere face crises, our findings will interest academics, policy makers and community organizations at local, national and international levels.


  • Our current project, Partnering for Change: Community-Based Solutions for Aboriginal and Inner-City Poverty, will examine how promising community-based solutions can be supported at the institutional and policy levels to resolve deepening poverty-related problems in Manitoba’s inner-city and Aboriginal communities.
  • The Manitoba Research Alliance for Transforming Inner-city and Aboriginal Communities was a five-year research project dedicated to solving the complex problems of poverty and social exclusion in Manitoba’s inner-city and Aboriginal communities.
  • The Community Economic Development in the New Economy project brought together academic researchers from the universities of Manitoba, Winnipeg and Brandon; senior government policy makers; and practitioners active in Manitoba’s dynamic CED community (and elsewhere) to create a context for innovative, inter-disciplinary assessments of the impacts of the New Economy on disadvantaged communities. 

For more information about these projects and about the Manitoba Research Alliance, please visit http://mra-mb.ca/.