Season of Giving

Hennessy's Index: A number is never just a number

Hennessy's Index

Hennessy's Index is a monthly listing of numbers, written by the CCPA's Trish Hennessy, about Canada and its place in the world. Scroll down for a PDF version.  For other months, visit:

  • 55

    Percentage of Canadians who plan to pay straight cash when gift buying this holiday season. (Source)
  • 37

    Percentage of Canadians who plan to put their gift purchases on their credit card. (Source)
  • $640

    The average amount Canadians plan to spend on gifts this year, up from $624 last year. (Source)
  • $429

    How much, on average, Canadians went over budget on gift giving last year. (Source)
  • 85,000

    Number of registered charities in Canada. Most rely on charitable donations, which have reached a 30-year low in Canada. (Source)
  • 23.1

    Percentage of Canadians who claimed a tax deduction for charitable giving in 2009. (Source)
  • Nearly $1 billion

    The drop in Canadian charitable giving in a two-year period, 2007-09. (Source)
  • 51

    Percentage of Canadians who would give to charity if they had better finances. (Source)
  • 61

    Percentage of Canadians who say hunger and food charities are in greater need, yet food bank donations have declined in Vancouver and Toronto. (Source 1, 2, 3)
  • 67

    Percentage of Canadians 55 and older who reported giving a cash charitable donation in 2010, compared to 48 per cent of Canadians 18-34 who donate. (Source)
  • 25

    Percentage of end-of-year charitable giving to national non-profit organizations. (Source)
  • 12,000

    Number of members who donated to the Canadian Centre for Policy Alternatives last year. Give the gift of reason this season:
December 1, 2011