Social Policy Framework Questions for the 41st Nova Scotian Election

July 28, 2021

With the 41st NS election set for August 17th, 2021 we have taken the 10 Guiding Principles of the Social Policy Framework for Nova Scotia developed with the Nova Scotia College of Social Work and re worked them as questions to ask candidates.

  • Principle 1, Interconnectedness. How will you ensure interconnectedness in policy decisions? Can you provide an example where the platform works across silos to develop policy that addresses multiple challenges impacting the electorate? 
  • Principle 2, Decolonization. How will your party commit to addressing the legacy of colonialism? Will they prioritize social policy solutions in the Truth and Reconciliation Commission Calls to Action? If so, which of the 94 calls? 
  • Principle 3, Social Inclusion. How will you support policy solutions that include the needs of individuals who face systemic barriers?
      • Will your party be prioritizing the Calls for Justice from the National Inquiry into Missing and Murdered Indigenous Women and Girls? If so which of the 231 calls for justice?
  • Principle 4, Universality. How will you ensure *insert platform issue* will be accessible to all, regardless of income? An Issue example: Affordable Housing, Child Care.  
  • Principle 5, Climate Justice. How is your party supporting the transition to a green economy?
      • Do they support skills retraining? Infrastructure investments? Universal pharmacare? Universal child care? Housing as part of a transition to a green economy? 
      • How will your party ensure that the brunt of green economy adjustments does not fall onto marginalized communities? How will they ensure marginalized communities are included in transition to a green economy? 
  • Principle 6, Decent Work and Well Being. How will your party improve decent work and well-being conditions for Nova Scotians? Ex: improved income, improved maternity and parental leaves.  
  • Principle 7, Public Provision. How will your party move toward public provision of services for affordable housing, caregiving jobs and post-secondary education?
  • Principle 8, Fiscal Fairness. Will your party support a progressive tax system that invests in our communities and supports high quality public services?
  • Principle 9, Shared Governance. How will your party cooperate with municipal governments to provide programs and services that are so needed in our communities? Ex. Housing, Public Transit, Emergency Services, Child Care.
  • Principle 10, Democratization. How will you ensure your commitment to meaningful public consultations that truly values community expertise over business organization influence?

To learn more about the Social Policy Framework, access the Social Policy Framework Workbook here.