Infographic: 2016 Child Care Fees

A Growing Concern

Canada's child care systems can vary dramatically from province to province and city to city. But no matter where you live, one thing’s for sure: child care isn’t getting less expensive. In fact, in many cities, child care fees are rising three times faster than inflation—that means some parents are paying $1,000 a more a year per child than they did just two years ago.

How much are you paying in child care? Find out which Canadian cities are the most and least expensive in our ranking below.

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The ranking above is based on the median monthly preschool child care fees in Canada's big cities, 2016.

For key details and solutions, read our latest study, which provides an annual snapshot of median child care fees in Canada’s biggest 28 cities for infants, toddlers, and preschoolers.

December 12, 2016