Infographics: It's time to move on

We shouldn't let the idea of federal deficits, even relatively large ones, scare us off making much needed investments in Canada. There is more than enough fiscal room to ensure that everyone can have a better future. 

The Alternative Federal Budget 2016 proves that we can fight climate change and create jobs at the same time; that we can reduce poverty and grow the economy responsibly; and that we can raise the standard of living for everyone, not just for a wealthy few. 

Last year, we rejected the politics of austerity, fear and inequality. Now, it's time to move on. Like and share the images below to help us show the government that there's work to do.

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Infographic: pauvrete
Infographic: Jobs
Infographic: Water
 Infographic: pauvrete

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Infographic: pauvrete
March 10, 2016