Putting Home at the Heart of Refugee Resettlement - Report Summary

This is The summary report of a research project that began in 2015, the primary intention of which was to chart the housing trajectories of former refugees over the course of approximately three years. In this project, we sought to learn about both the challenges and successes that former or resettling refugees (terms that are described below) had in obtaining adequate and affordable housing after arriving in Winnipeg. Second, we sought to map out the relationships between the cost and availability of housing, the prevalence of social supports, or lack thereof, and resettling refugees’ economic realities in the context of resettlement. Our third and related objective was to demonstrate how social, public, or otherwise ‘supported’ housing can positively affect the lives of resettling refugees. The full report contains detailed experiences of former refugees in their own words, as well as a full list of recommendations that span all areas that affect resettlement.

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July 8, 2021