The Monitor, March/April 2018

Cannabis Capitalism
March 1, 2018
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Canada is only months away from legalizing and regulating the production, sale and use of cannabis for medicinal and recreational purposes. Yet, as we explore in our cover story this issue, the plan is rife with contradictions: a fledgling industry populated by former police chiefs; the fact bills C-45 and C-46 will create dozens of new pot-related offences in the process of removing some of the old ones; the continued prohibition on growing more than four or five plants at home while Canada's "licensed producers" are expected to make billions. Most importantly, there is the injustice of all this newfound freedom and money-making taking place on the backs of people who remain behind bars, or stuck with criminal records, for engaging in what will soon be a considered a legitimate business.

In this issue:

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Cover illustration by Kara Sievewright