The Monitor, May/June 2018

Two Worlds Collide
May 1, 2018
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Ontarians heading to the polls on June 7 face a stark choice between two visions of government and two styles of governing. The choice they make could reverberate across the country. A Progressive Conservative victory under the leadership of the right-wing populist Doug Ford would almost certainly usher in another period of harsh and unnecessary austerity, and has the potential to set racial and economic justice back decades. On the other hand, every other major party is promising to expand Ontario's social safety net, reflecting a growing acceptance among voters of the power of government to do good in people's lives.

This special issue of the Monitor takes a longer view of the political and policy developments that shaped the current political moment in Ontario, and that will continue to shape events outside the province as well.

Also in this issue, Luke Savage reviews recent Trump-lit on the Alt-Right threat, Asad Ismi assesses the damage from the Italian election, and migrant justice activists ask why Canada's immigration policy still discriminates against people with disabilities.

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Cover illustration by Remie Geoffroi