The Monitor, November-December 2018

Making Finance Work for People
November 1, 2018
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In Part 2 of our feature on the state of the economy 10 years after the crisis, the Monitor heads to the bank. With radical ideas for reforming finance's retail, mortgage and investing functions from John Anderson, Michal Rozworski, Kevin Young and Alper Yagci, Roxanne Dubois and Brett Scott.

Here's a sample of what you'll find inside this issue:

  • Are we addicted to debt? Bubble or not, the housing affordability crisis creates systemic risks for the Canadian economy, writes Michal Rozworski.
  • Why we need a postal bank: John Anderson makes the case for public banking and low-cost credit.
  • Money changes everything: Is art destined to reinforce or resist capitalism? Roxanne Dubois reviews Max Haiven's answer to that question in Art After Money, Money After Art.
  • What Canada failed to learn from Lac-Mégantic: An excerpt from Bruce Campbell's new book on the deregulatory origins of the disaster and the policy fumbles that have followed in its wake.

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Cover illustration by Raymond Biesinger.