The Monitor, September/October 2021

Whose harvest? Decolonizing the food justice movement
September 1, 2021
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The pandemic has once again exposed how unsustainable and inequitable the current food system is. In April of 2020, for example, while millions of Canadians faced financial insecurity and food insecurity, the Dairy Farmers of Ontario—the provincial organization that sets milk production quotas—began ordering farmers to dump their "surplus" milk. News agencies across North America reported the surpluses of dairy, eggs and produce caused by the closures of hotels and restaurants being dumped, crushed and otherwise destroyed.

Our latest issue of the Monitor pulls back the curtain on the unseen labour and politics behind our food. We asked organizers and writers: what would decolonizing the food justice movement mean? And this is what they told us. From community-led kitchens and gardens to microbreweries run by former FARC rebels, change is taking root. 

Pull up a chair. At this table, there's room for everyone.

Here's a sample of what you'll find in this issue: