The Gifts Within

Carrying Each Other Forward in Aboriginal Education
June 17, 2009

This timely volume explores Aboriginal education from the perspectives of those who work within it. The book covers a range of topics relevant to discussions about First Nation education in Canada today and is written in an accessible style by educators for teachers, parents and others interested in the education of Aboriginal children and youth.

The collection includes stories from Elders about their experiences of schooling, reflections on and practical materials for language reclamation and revitalization, examples of positive approaches to teaching in First Nation classrooms, and descriptions of successful programming in secondary schools. Also included is a critical discussion of the use of standardized testing in First Nation schools, and an exploration of useful models of leadership and their relevance for administrative practice in First Nation community schools. Two chapters offer some thoughts about Aboriginal experiences of post-secondary education, one with a focus on building partnerships and the other on program and classroom experiences.

The 15 contributors, both Aboriginal and non-Aboriginal, were all members of a graduate education cohort program, Leadership in First Nation Schools, offered by the University of Western Ontario at, and in partnership with, Walpole Island First Nation.

Rebecca Priegert Coulter is a Professor and the Director of Aboriginal Education in the Faculty of Education at The University of Western Ontario. She teaches and does research in the areas of educational policy and politics, the history of Canadian education and gender, equity and social justice.

[This book is out of print but the introduction is available for download below]