Our Schools/Our Selves: Spring 2011

Critical Mass: A primer for social change
April 1, 2011

What do progressive people do when they realize that there are victories we can no longer take for granted, particularly when we see some of those hard-fought victories being eroded? What do we do when we realize that what we’re doing now — what we did in the past — to secure victories and move a progressive agenda forward may no longer be enough (if it ever was)?

The theme of this issue of Our Schools/Our Selves — “Critical Mass: A primer for social change” tries to get at a few key questions: given social media, generational shifts, identity politics, financial challenges and an increasingly organized and well- funded conservative opposition, do we need to change how we “do” activism? Who are our teachers now — and who will they be in the next few decades? What can we learn from those breaking new ground? And how do we build a movement that will continue to further our social justice goals, ensuring our continued progress towards a more just and equitable society for all of us?