Pluralism in the Arts in Canada

A Change is Gonna Come
June 12, 2012

Pluralism in the Arts in Canada: A Change is Gonna Come captures some of the dialogue happening around critical diversity, social justice, artistic expression and performance in Canada. The experiences and research of the book's contributors give ample evidence about what is being done to demonstrably promote pluralism in the arts, to create forums for expressions from Aboriginal and racialized communities and to build engagement and audiences from these communities.

“….this book brings forward a challenge. It asks that we name who and where we are in this timely conversation. It asks each of us to step forward to share in the shaping of an inclusive sense of culture(s) with resources appropriately and equitably shared. It asks that we each step forward now because ‘a change is gonna come’. We see it in the sustained prominence of many Aboriginal, racialized and immigrant artists, in these communities deeply immersed in creative activities, and in the receptivity these artists enjoy across many communities.”--- charles c. smith, editor

This publication is no longer available in print, however a free PDF of the book (in its entirety) is available below. If you've enjoyed this publication, please consider making a donation to the CCPA.

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