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Our Schools / Our Selves is the CCPA's journal on education. It is a lively forum for debates and discussion on a number of topics such as Aboriginal education, anti-racism classroom programs, sex education, peace studies, commercialism, environmental education, child care, and authentic classroom assessment.

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Beyond the bake sale: Exposing schoolhouse commercialism

August 1, 2006 | National Office

Education's Iron Cage and Its Dismantling In the New Global Order

by George Martell
May 1, 2006 | National Office

Riding the Tiger of Educational Accountability in Nova Scotia

by Erika Shaker
February 1, 2006 | National Office

Schooling for Democracy: One Size Does Not Fit All

November 1, 2005 | National Office

The Many Faces of Privatization

by Satu Repo, Erika Shaker
July 1, 2005 | National Office

Private dollars in Canada’s “public” colleges and universities: Who really pays?

by Erika Shaker
July 1, 2003 | National Office

The devil in the details: The P3 experience in Nova Scotia schools

by Erika Shaker
April 1, 2003 | National Office

Bringing light to the system: Toronto's Dissident trustees take on the Province

by Shelley Carroll
January 1, 2003 | National Office

In the eye of the storm: Ottawa pushes back against school board takeovers

by Mitchell Beer
September 1, 2002 | National Office

Seeking Social Justice through Media Literacy

by David Stocker
June 1, 2002 | National Office

Tales From the Crypt or Writing the Ontario Canadian and World Studies

by John Fielding
March 1, 2002 | National Office

September 11th and My ESL Class

by David Owen
January 1, 2002 | National Office

DIRT(1) Cheap: Students for sale and the tilting of a scale

by Bill Bonner
October 1, 2001 | National Office

Ontario Students as a Means to the Government's Ends

by David Corson, Erika Shaker
July 1, 2001 | National Office

Class size in Alberta--an ongoing debate!

by David Flower
April 1, 2001 | National Office