75th Annual Commemorative 2009 Calendar

The Regina Manifesto and the Birth of Social Democracy in Canada
December 5, 2008
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One of the proudest and most significant achievements in Canadian history was the creation of the Cooperative Commonwealth Federation (CCF) in 1933. This year (2008) marks the 75th anniversary of this memorable event, when unions, farmers, church leaders and academics joined together to create for the first time a Canadian national party of the left.

To commemorate this event, the Canadian Centre of Policy Alternatives will soon publish a book, Will Not Rest Content: The Regina Manifesto and the birth of social democracy in Canada.

The CCPA's Saskatchewan Office has also published this attractive and informative calendar based on the book. The calendar displays the 14 points of the Regina Manifesto and recognizes the contributions of the leaders who worked so tirelessly to make the CCF possible. It is a memento that progressive individuals will be proud to display in their homes and workplaces throughout 2009.

Revenue from sales will support the ongoing work of the Saskatchewan CCPA Office, which in 2008 produced two important critiques of Bills 5 and 6, which attack workers' rights in the province, and in 2009 will continue to undertake important research in many areas of social and economic justice.

Calendars may be purchased for $20 each (covers all costs) by phoning or emailing CCPA-Saskatchewan Acting Director Brian Banks directly: Phone: (306) 924-3372; email: [email protected]