BC Commentary: A Review of Provincial Social and Economic Trends

Spring 2011, Volume 14, Number 2
June 8, 2011
1.3 MB8 pages

Inside this issue:

  • Look to Europe for next phase of BC’s carbon tax by Marc Lee
  • The HST conundrum: why scrap a tax that can be fixed? by Iglika Ivanova
  • Why I’m voting against the HST: it fails the test of fairness by Seth Klein
  • Memo to the new Premier: here’s what “putting families first” should look like by Seth Klein and Adrienne Montani
  • A higher minimum wage: workers will benefit, sky will not fall by Iglika Ivanova
  • Living wage update 2011

And for commentary after Christy Clark's May 25 HST announcement, visit policynote.ca