Breakfast of Champions

CEO pay in 2021 hits new all-time high
January 3, 2023
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Read an online version of the report here. 

By 9:43 on the morning of January 3, the average member of the 100 highest-paid CEOs in Canada will have made as much money as the average Canadian worker makes in a year—that's $58,800, by breakfast time on the year's first workday. 

New data from 2021 shows that top CEOs broke every compensation record on the books that year. Total income? Record-shattering. Disparity between worker pay and CEO-pay? Historic. Amount of CEO pay tied directly to inflation-juicing corporate profits? Unprecedented. 

The average top-100 CEO made $14.1 million in 2021—that's 243 times the average worker salary. The federal government has significant room to act and make the economy more fair for working Canadians. 

The CCPA tracks CEO pay annually. You can read last year's CEO pay report here.