Challenging McWorld

Second Edition
March 1, 2005
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Today's youth live, communicate and act in a wired world of corporate logos, symbols and branding. "McWorld" is the symbolic term used to capture the new realities of corporate-driven globalization engulfing young people today. The dynamics of McWorld provide us with a common symbol and language for both understanding and confronting the major issues of corporate globalization

Challenging McWorld is designed to enable concerned youth to develop skills required for confronting McWorld in their daily lives on several fronts. The first section takes up issues of globalization facing youth in high schools and university or college campuses. The second deals with issues and challenges facing youth in their workplaces and communities. The third addresses some of the major issues of corporate globalization affecting youth in both Canada and the world at large.

The fourth section is comprised of lesson plans and education supplements designed to make this edition of Challenging McWorld even more accessible and applicable as a teaching and learning resource. These innovative supplements correspond to the more detailed chapters throughout the book; the suggest activities and topics for discussion that make Challenging McWorld more interactive, and help readers use the research to engage and question the world around them.