Economics for Everyone, First Edition

A Short Guide to the Economics of Capitalism
June 2, 2008

Economics is too important to be left to the economists. Economics for Everyone is a brilliantly concise and readable book that provides non-specialist readers with all the information they need to understand how capitalism works (and how it doesn't). 

Jim Stanford's book is an antidote to the abstract and ideological way that economics is normally taught and reported. Key concepts such as finance, competition and wage labour are explored, and their importance to everyday life is revealed.

Illustrated with humorous and educational cartoons by Tony Biddle, this book will appeal to those working for a fairer world, and students of social sciences who need to engage with economics.

Most important, Economics for Everyone will be backed by a comprehensive set of web-based instructional materials – including a course outline, lecture notes, student exercises, and a glossary, all available for free on the web. This book can thus be part of a broader, ready-made popular economics course for unionists, activists, and just plain regular concerned individuals.

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