Great Expectations

Essays on Schools and Society
June 18, 2007
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For all the discussion, debate, commentary and analysis on the subject of public education, few authors are as influential as, or have enjoyed the career longevity of, Heather-jane Robertson.

Her eloquence, wealth of knowledge and biting sense of humour have made her a thoughtful and much-read writer on a wide range of education-related topics. The summer 2007 issue of Our Schools/Our Selves provides readers with a collection of her columns and articles from the Phi Delta Kappan magazine.

In her latest book, Great Expectations: Essays on schools and society, Heather-jane explores, confronts and critiques a multitude of subjects: privatization and the education industry; the high-stakes assessment agenda;
student, teacher and school control and surveillance; the brain drain; homeschooling and tax credits for private schools; literacy; school drop-outs; bottled water and exclusive marketing agreements; diversity, tolerance and accommodation in Canadian classroom; child poverty, and techno-lust.

Collectively, these articles provide readers with a wealth of information about the state of our public education system and the relationship between schools and society. Great Expectations is an invaluable resource for anyone interested in public education, teaching and learning conditions, or thoughtful, passionate and articulate social commentary.