Homelessness during a pandemic

Learning lessons for disaster preparedness in Nova Scotia
April 6, 2022
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Authored by a team of researchers out of Dalhousie University, University of Toronto and Cape Breton University, this report summarizes a study exploring the homeless sector in Nova Scotia during the COVID-19 pandemic.

The study involved interviews of individuals experiencing homelessness and those working around housing and homelessness, such as shelter providers, health clinic workers, outreach personnel, housing advocates, staff from non-profits providing essential services to low-income households, public health workers, policy makers, and government representatives.

Focusing on the two largest municipalities in the province of Nova Scotia, Canada, Halifax Regional Municipality and Cape Breton Regional Municipality the report situates the findings within the understanding of Homelessness as a long-term systemic disaster rooted in legacies of racism, marginalization, discrimination, and colonialism.

The report details recommendations from both service stakeholders and those experiencing homelessness.