Living Wages in Nova Scotia and New Brunswick 2020

September 2, 2020
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The living wage was first calculated in Atlantic Canada in 2015 (Halifax). Antigonish was added in 2016 and Saint John, New Brunswick in 2018. Last year, we calculated the living wage rate for St. John’s, Newfoundland and Labrador. This year we have added two more Nova Scotia communities: Bridgewater and the Cape Breton Regional Municipality. The calculation of the living wage provides communities with the following information:

  • Real life/real time costs of living and raising a family in the community: What are the most significant costs? What can be done to lower the costs?
  • How communities compare with others: Using a consistent national methodology allows for comparing costs, taxes and government programs across the country. What is being done or can be done at the local, provincial and/or federal level to support families to have a good quality of life?

This year’s living wage report provides updated wages in Nova Scotia for Halifax of $21.80 and for Antigonish of $19.55, as well as $19.55 for Saint John, New Brunswick. It also includes new calculations for two additional communities in Nova Scotia of $16.80 for Bridgewater and $17.65 for Cape Breton Regional Municipality. 

For more information on the calculation, you can download the spreadsheet for Halifax at the link below or visit for the Saint John calculations. If you would like access to the other excel spreadsheets please contact [email protected].

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