Meeting the Needs of Youth

Perspectives from Youth-Serving Agencies
September 29, 2010
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This research report provides an overview of the ‘state of youth’ in Winnipeg communities by addressing two main questions: What are the issues that youth in Winnipeg face? What are the difficulties youth-serving agencies encounter when helping the populations of youth they serve?

To address these questions interviews were conducted with 33 members of the Coalition of Community-Based Youth-Serving Agencies (CCBYSA), a network of 18 after-school and community-based agencies that work to support at-risk and marginalized youth (ranging in ages from 6 to 29) in Winnipeg. recreation, skill development, and job training. They are providing a place for youth to remain attached to pro-social and supportive networks that are otherwise missing from
their lives. Programs that youth enjoy and can learn from, paired with staff that youth can identify with and use as role models, are the keys to helping youth through difficult times now and into the future.