Na-gah mo Waasbishkizi Ojijaak Bimise Keetwaatino: Singing White Crane Flying North

Gathering A Bundle for Indigenous Evaluation
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March 20, 2018
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In Winnipeg, a city with a high population of Indigenous peoples, incorporating Indigenous ways of practice into helping programs and organizations makes sense, as
organizations work to support community. However, funding expectations and evaluation metrics have not shifted to meet the needs of Indigenous grounded

This new report details how to conduct an Indigenous-grounded evaluation process. While not a comprehensive guide to complete an evaluation, the Bundle builds upon what is understood about evaluation and provide a guide that can be used in planning, designing, implementing and reporting based upon Indigenous values and principles.  The Bundle provides a common understanding of the purpose of evaluation; how it can be beneficial for community; and Indig­enous principles, values, considerations, and methods that could be used in the design and implementation of evaluation. It can be used by community organizations and staff to understand evaluation and increase communi­ty members’ capacity to actively participate in evaluation efforts in their programs and organ­izations.