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There’s more money on the table—but without adequate strings attached, the provinces could end up spending it on tax cuts instead of fixing health care.

by David Macdonald
February 15, 2023 | National Office

Assessing the pandemic’s impact on women

by Katherine Scott
September 27, 2023 | National Office

Evaluating social procurement strategies under Canada’s trade commitments

by Noah Fry
September 8, 2023 | National Office

Building Momentum: A budget for now and the future

August 24, 2023 | National Office

Se donner de l’élan : Un budget fédéral pour le présent et pour l’avenir

August 24, 2023 | National Office

Rental wages in Canada 2022

by David Macdonald, Ricardo Tranjan
July 18, 2023 | National Office

They're (still) alive: Classroom controversies & zombie narratives

by Erika Shaker
July 1, 2023 | National Office

A briefing paper from the Trade and Investment Research Project

by Stuart Trew, Kyla Tienhaara
June 28, 2023 | National Office

CERB played a key role easing the transition back to work

by Katherine Scott, Trish Hennessy
June 13, 2023 | National Office

Pour se doter de services de garde à 10 $ par jour, il faut remédier au problème des déserts de services de garde au Canada

by David Macdonald, Martha Friendly
May 16, 2023 | National Office

$10-a-day child care requires addressing Canada’s child care deserts

by David Macdonald, Martha Friendly
May 15, 2023 | National Office

Evaluating the costs and benefits of participation in this U.S.-led and U.S.-designed project.

by Stuart Trew, Laura Macdonald
May 11, 2023 | National Office

The climate transition is urgent—and it's increasingly clear that governments aren't acting fast enough. How can communities, workers, and movements directly implement a transition?

by Hadrian Mertins-Kirkwood, Max Cohen, Isabella Pojuner, Avi Lewis
April 4, 2023 | National Office

Unpacking the Canadian response to COVID-19 using a gender-focused lens.

by Katherine Scott
March 8, 2023 | National Office

Investor-State Dispute Settlement mechanisms are discredited. No new trade deal should include them.

by Stuart Trew
March 3, 2023 | National Office