Rent control in Ontario—facts, flaws, and fixes

April 11, 2024
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Tenants and housing advocates who call for effective rent regulation face strong opposition. The real estate industry uses simplistic explanations and outdated research to spread myths about rent controls. For ideological reasons, and often without having ever studied the topic, many economists and housing policy analysts further promote these myths. The result is a system of disinformation that has considerable power to influence legislators.

Research findings, on the other hand, support rent regulation. Economic studies of present-day rent controls in Canada and abroad show that they are an effective way to stabilize rents without negative effects.

This series is a resource against anti-rent-control propaganda. It is written for tenants and housing advocates, though researchers and policy analysts may also find it useful. It examines rent data in Ontario, explains rent controls, and summarizes relevant research on the topic. The content is divided into five parts that can be read independently and in any order.


Click here to read the full report