State of the Inner City 2012

Breaking Barriers Building Bridges
December 12, 2012
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This year's State of the Inner City Report: Breaking Barriers, Building Bridges speaks to concerns raised by community-based organizations about Government disregard for the impact their decisions can have on vulnerable people. It provides policy makers with recommendations for working more collaboratively with community.

Through this report, we continue to seek ways to address the racialized, spatialized poverty in the inner city that is causing a deep divide in Winnipeg. CCPA-MB conducted a series of workshops and interviews with Aboriginal Elders, Aboriginal youth from the CEDA Pathways to Education program and youth who live outside of the inner city including students from College Beliveau and Grant Park High School. Together they discussed the perceptions of inner-city, poverty and racism in Winnipeg, and how the community can work together to resolve these issues.