The State of the Inner City Report 2021: Placing Community at the Heart of the Recovery from COVID

February 23, 2022
8.11 MB108 pages

Since the 2020 State of the Inner City report, which looked at the impact of the first wave of the COVID-19 pandemic on the inner city, we’ve had second, third and fourth waves. Both the sense of government urgency and the emergency funding available after the first wave have dried up. The pre-existing, everyday crises of poverty, precarious housing, food security, and ongoing racism and colonialism continue, some worsened by losses of income. A return to “normal” or “business as usual” is not an option. Daily challenges of meeting basic needs are a reality for thousands in our city — the visibility of those experiencing homelessness last year was a reminder of this. Government policy, resources and approaches must stop manufacturing vulnerability in Winnipeg’s core neighbourhoods through lack of investment and resources. They must draw on strengths that exist and centre community priorities in their work. The three chapters in this year’s State of the Inner City report ask what a just recovery would look like for the people and communities of the inner city.

See individual chapters below or full document above:

Chapter 1:  First Steps Towards a Just Recovery by Lila Asher, Sarah Cooper and Kayla Villebrun-Normand

Chapter 2: Building Sustainable Communities Program by Shauna MacKinnon

Chapter 3:  What's going on with Portage Place? by Owen Toews