Submission to BC government and Climate Solutions and Clean Growth Advisory Council

August 2, 2018
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In its first year in power, the new BC government has increased the BC carbon tax and improved the carbon credit, has created a new Climate Solutions and Clean Growth Advisory Council, and has legislated a new medium-term target of 40% reduction in greenhouse gas emissions by 2030.

On July 20, 2018, the government also released a series of “intentions papers”—on buildings, transportation and industrial emissions—in the lead-up to a new provincial climate plan in the fall. Several more intentions papers are promised for 2019. 

In this submission, senior economist Marc Lee covers three broad areas:

  1. The need for greater accountability through the implementation of a carbon budgeting framework;
  2. The incompatibility of LNG with BC’s emission reduction targets; and
  3. Feedback on the emission reduction proposals in the intentions papers, broken down into household emissions and business/industrial emissions (including updated analysis on emissions and employment by sector).