Supporting Refugees with High Needs to Settle in Manitoba

October 15, 2014
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Family Dynamics approached the Canadian Centre for Policy Alternatives — Manitoba (CCPA-MB) to undertake a study of the Family Dynamics Family Supports for Refugees Program with participants, support coordinators and collateral service providers. This report offers insights to the effectiveness of the Family Supports for Refugees Program offered by Family Dynamics by evaluating how Family Supports for Refugee Program supports refugees and assists in their integration into Winnipeg. The report also illustrates the program’s role in assisting other service provider agencies in working with high-needs refugee clients.

The research indicates that the Family Supports for Refugee Program is an effective program in supporting high-needs refugees and assists in their integration into Canadian society. Findings also show the program is a welcomed asset to assisting other service providers with their high-need refugee clients. The initial step of developing trust between program support coordinators and clients is an important component to the program’s success. Two key strengths of the program are the length of time allocated for clients and its holistic approach to service delivery. Together these strengths cultivate trust between support coordinators and their clients and provide a more in-depth support structure required by high-needs refugees. Findings from the study show the program increases their client’s knowledge and access to services, increases their access to services, improves their navigation skills, contributes to their understanding of Canadian laws and societal norms, cultivates independence, addresses isolation issues, assists in advocating clients rights, and assists clients to achieve English language skills and other educational goals.