Supporting Vulnerable Tenants in Non-Profit Housing

September 26, 2019
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Social housing is home to many of our most vulnerable community members. Vulnerable populations are considered to be those who have multiple barriers to achieving or main­taining housing due to challenges such as pov­erty, health and mental health issues, trauma, newcomer settlement challenges, and disabil­ity, amongst others. These tenants sometimes struggle to pay their rent, maintain their unit in safe and hygienic conditions, and take care of their physical needs or mental health leav­ing them vulnerable to eviction.
Non-profit housing providers have a mandate to serve vulnerable populations but funding for social supports and staffing is hard to come by. This study of non-profit housing providers in Manitoba looks at what supports are necessary to improve tenancies with vulnerable people and support tenant well-being. As Manitoba moves to sell off public housing units to the non-profit, cooperative and private sector, the importance of funding and resourcing housing supports for vulnerable people becomes central to preventing housing instability, evictions and homelessness.