Tar Sands Showdown

Canada and the New Politics of Oil In An Age Of Climate Change
October 28, 2008
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Canada’s oil patch is booming. The Alberta tar sands have become the number one foreign oil source for the United States, replacing Saudi Arabia. Within the next 15 years, Canada will be pumping four to five times more crude than today from the tar pits of northern Alberta into the US market. The tar sands are key to the claim that Canada is the new “energy superpower”.

As the new backbone of Canada’s economy, the tar sands are bound to define and shape Canada’s role and destiny as a nation in the twenty-first century. What is lacking is independent, reliable information on the host of questions raised by the tar sands – and thoughtful analysis of the issues they raise. What is the real cost to Albertans and to Canadians? How far are we willing to go to fuel America’s oil addiction? What will the ecological and social impacts be? What can be done to build an alternative energy future in an age of global warming.

Tar Sands Showdown provides a tool for stimulating public discussion and debate about these important issues.

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