They Can Live a Life Here

Current and Past Tenants' Experiences with IRCOM's Model of Housing and Wrap-Around Supports
January 21, 2019
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Finding affordable, secure, good quality housing is an essential and immediate part of the early settlement process for immigrants and refugees. Yet, obtaining appropriate housing can be daunting and often impossible in housing markets with a dearth of affordable housing and low vacancy rates. Newcomers are often unfamiliar with the particularities of local practices, lack social networks, and have limited financial resources, which contribute to their struggles when searching for housing that meets their needs. As a number of studies have found, housing is the foundation of the settlement process, from which all other elements of the process develop Without access to good housing, the entire settlement process is in jeopardy; without good housing, newcomers can struggle to develop a sense of stability, security, and inclusion in their new community. 

This report documents the difference wrap-around supports can make to new comer families.