Why Inequality Matters in 1,000 Words or Less

April 28, 2008
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Why Inequality Matters in 1,000 Words or Less is powerful essay series by some of Canada’s leading thinkers on income inequality.

The contributors to this essay series come from all kinds of academic backgrounds.

Though all the contributors are distinguished and well-respected for their academic work, they are not of like mind. They have differing ideological starting points and differing intellectual approaches.

But they agree on this: Income inequality is a problem that should be addressed, right here in Canada.

They warn that income inequality and persistent poverty could have serious and adverse effects on our nation.

In this series we present the opinions of four economists—Lars Osberg, Charles Beach, Jon Kesselman and David Green; a political scientist— Michael Orsini; a sociologist—John Myles; a philosopher—Frank Cunningham.