Winnipeg Free For All

Towards Democracy at City Hall
November 1, 2017
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There is a power struggle going on at City Hall in Winnipeg that may open an opportunity for everyday Winnipeggers - if we get organized - to transform structural factors that have long entrenched business-led corruption and austerity on Main Street. Toews takes us on a historical look at the structures put in place over the years that continues to make City Hall a very undemocractic Hall. 

When power over the entire community is structurally concentrated in the hands of a few - as it is in Winnipeg's civic governance structure - democracy is inhibited. 

While civic governance in Winnipeg has never been very democratic, it has become even less so since 1997.  The current desire for "transparency" and "accountability" in civic politics signals a rejection of the neoliberal landscape produced by Thompson and Filmon's reforms.