Young Women’s Experiences of Anti-Muslim Racism in Schools

February 13, 2024
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Muslim young women who wear the hijab are stigmatized because of their religious and ethnic or racial backgrounds. Community-based reports in Winnipeg have documented how Muslim young women have been humiliated and threatened by their peers and teachers in schools through physical attacks, bullying, and harassment. These experiences often happen with limited if any accountability from schools.

Researchers Fadi Ennab, Sharifat Makinde, and Janet Nowatzki partnered with the Manitoba Islamic Association, a community organization in Winnipeg, and wrote Young Women’s Experiences of Anti-Muslim Racism in Schools. The purpose of the research project was to examine the experiences of Muslim young women related to safety and racism in Winnipeg public schools. The report is based on interviews with ten Muslim students, most of whom identified as Black and/or Arab, and two key informants. By shedding light on their stories, the study hopes to contribute to a fuller understanding of the lived experiences of Muslim young women and inform strategies and interventions to support their well-being within schools.