A Zero Waste Agenda for BC

October 26, 2021
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While BC is a continental leader in composting and recycling, it continues to generate large amounts of unnecessary waste. This report looks at the current state of waste in BC and lays out an agenda for zero waste by 2040. 

The report describes the possibilities for upstream, proactive solutions to dramatically reduce the volume of materials that flow through the economy, and therefore also reduce the associated energy consumption and carbon emissions. It focuses on areas with potential for dramatic reductions in waste, including plastics and construction and demolition waste. It also proposes bold policies in support of repair and maintenance can give much longer life to electronics and appliances.

Reducing waste in BC is essential to reduce consumption, create good jobs and fight climate change.

This report updates and extends the 2013 report Closing the Loop: Reducing Greenhouse Gas Emissions and Creating Green Jobs through Zero Waste in BC.

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