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Welcome to our complete catalogue of reports and studies (which includes backgrounders, policy briefs, full-length research reports and books). 

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Canada’s Alleged Complicity and the Need for a Public Inquiry

by Omar Sabry
September 23, 2015 | National Office

Civic engagement and political efficacy in a climate of reluctant cynicism

by Kathleen Cross, Shane Gunster, Marcelina Piotrowski, Shannon Daub
September 10, 2015 | BC Office

Taking Stock of Provincial Tuition Fee Policies

by Erika Shaker, David Macdonald
September 9, 2015 | National Office

Moving Beyond Baby Steps: Building a child care plan for today's families

by Erika Shaker
September 1, 2015 | National Office

Submission to the BC Climate Leadership Team

by Marc Lee
August 11, 2015 | BC Office

by The Social Research and Planning Council Living Wage Advisory Committee
August 7, 2015 | Ontario Office

The Failure of Canadian ISDS Policy at Home and Abroad

by Hadrian Mertins-Kirkwood
August 5, 2015 | National Office

by Marc Lee
July 28, 2015 | BC Office

by Judy Haiven, Larry Haiven
July 27, 2015 |

The Gender Gap in Canada's 25 Biggest Cities

by Kate McInturff
July 15, 2015 | National Office

Income Risks for Retiring Canadians

by Michael Wolfson
July 14, 2015 | Ontario Office

Financing the $10 a Day Plan

by Iglika Ivanova
July 9, 2015 | BC Office

Policy, Procedure, and Practice

by Helena Towle
July 8, 2015 | National Office

politique, procédure et pratique

by Helena Towle
July 8, 2015 | National Office

A Plan for Rebuilding Canada’s Military

by Michael Byers
June 29, 2015 | National Office