Reports & Studies

Welcome to our complete catalogue of reports and studies (which includes backgrounders, policy briefs, full-length research reports and books). 

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A Financial Analysis of the SLGA and Its Potential Privatization

by David Campanella
December 3, 2014 | Saskatchewan Office

A Prescription for Canada

by Monika Dutt
December 3, 2014 | National Office

A Generation of Broken Promises

by Lesley Frank
November 24, 2014 | Nova Scotia Office

Options for a Strong Economy

by Diana Gibson, Greg Flanagan
November 24, 2014 | National Office

The Expiring Social Housing Operating Agreements in Manitoba

by Sarah Cooper
November 21, 2014 | Manitoba Office

by Josh Brandon
November 19, 2014 | Manitoba Office

How CETA's Investor Protection Rules Threaten the Public Good in Canada and the EU

by Pia Eberhardt, Blair Redlin, Cecile Toubeau
November 19, 2014 | National Office

En quoi les règles de protection des investisseurs de l'AÉCG menacent-elles le bien public au Canada et dans L'Union Européenne?

by Pia Eberhardt, Blair Redlin, Cecile Toubeau
November 19, 2014 | National Office

The Impacts of Rushing to Balance the Budget

by David Macdonald, Kayle Hatt
November 12, 2014 | National Office

Child Care Fees in Canada’s Big Cities

by David Macdonald, Martha Friendly
November 10, 2014 | National Office

Rapport parallèle sur la mise en oeuvre par le Canada de la Déclaration et du Programme d’action de Beijing

by Préparé par un réseau d’ONG, de syndicats et d’expertes indépendantes
November 5, 2014 | National Office

by Stephanie Dickson, Sophie Webber, Tim Takaro
November 5, 2014 | BC Office

A Shadow Report on Canada’s Implementation of the Beijing Declaration and Platform for Action

by A Network of NGOs, Trade Unions and Independent Experts
November 4, 2014 | National Office

Poverty, Polarization, and the Educational Achievement Gap

by Erika Shaker
November 4, 2014 | National Office

Why the Tim Hortons Takeover is a Bad Deal for Canadians

by Natasha Luckhardt
October 30, 2014 | National Office