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CCPA-BC response to the BC Ministry of Labour discussion paper Proposing Employment Standards and Other Protections for App-Based Ride-Hail and Food-Delivery Workers in British Columbia

by Iglika Ivanova, Véronique Sioufi
September 29, 2023 | BC Office

There’s more money on the table—but without adequate strings attached, the provinces could end up spending it on tax cuts instead of fixing health care.

by David Macdonald
February 15, 2023 | National Office

Now with more than a decade of Privatization! 2007 - 2023

by Simon Enoch
December 5, 2023 | Saskatchewan Office

Restoring public funding to Ontario’s universities

by Ryan Romard, Randy Robinson
November 30, 2023 | Ontario Office

Rebalancing Revenues and Spending for a Fair and Prosperous Manitoba

by Jesse Hajer, Niall Harney, David Macdonald
November 20, 2023 | Manitoba Office

Making paid work meet basic family needs in Metro Vancouver: 2023 Update

by Iglika Ivanova, Anastasia French, Tania Oliveira
November 8, 2023 | BC Office

Ontario hospital privatization and the threat to public health care

by Andrew Longhurst
November 2, 2023 | Ontario Office

Assessing Canada’s progress toward $10-a-day child care for all

by David Macdonald, Martha Friendly
October 26, 2023 | National Office

Évaluer les progrès en vue de doter le Canada de services de garde à l’enfance à 10 $/jour

by David Macdonald, Martha Friendly
October 26, 2023 | National Office

Looking upstream at the farmer mental health crisis in Canada

by Zsofia Mendly-Zambo
October 5, 2023 | National Office

Interest rate hikes are behind the collapse of new housing

by David Macdonald
October 4, 2023 |

News and commentary from the CCPA’s BC Office (Oct 2023)

edited by Rav Kambo, Jean Kavanagh, Bill Kilgannon, Lisa Akinyi May, Terra Poirier
October 3, 2023 | BC Office

The 2022 living wage for Regina and Saskatoon

by Simon Enoch
September 28, 2023 | Saskatchewan Office

Assessing the pandemic’s impact on women

by Katherine Scott
September 27, 2023 | National Office

The State of Saskatchewan's Post-Secondary Sector

by Simon Enoch
September 22, 2023 | Saskatchewan Office