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Welcome to our complete catalogue of reports and studies (which includes backgrounders, policy briefs, full-length research reports and books). 

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Preserving Small Farm Heritage

by Blair Hamilton
June 15, 2005 | Manitoba Office

Let’s Get Preventive Dental Care Back into the Schools

by Errol Black
June 9, 2005 | Manitoba Office


by Bruce Campbell
June 7, 2005 | National Office

by Jennifer deGroot, Shauna MacKinnon
June 1, 2005 | Manitoba Office

The Nova Scotia Minimum Wage

by John Jacobs
May 25, 2005 | Nova Scotia Office

A Trashy Idea

by David Camfield
May 24, 2005 | Manitoba Office

Aboriginal Electoral Participation in Winnipeg’s Inner City

by Jim Silver, Cyril Keeper, Michael MacKenzie
May 15, 2005 | Manitoba Office

A Comparative Analysis

by Michael MacKenzie, Byron Sheldrick, Jim Silver
May 15, 2005 | Manitoba Office

Ontario Alternative Budget Technical Paper #3

by Hugh Mackenzie
May 11, 2005 | Ontario Office

The Case for the New 2005 Federal Budget

May 10, 2005 | National Office

Ontario Alternative Budget Technical Paper #2

by Hugh Mackenzie
May 6, 2005 | Ontario Office

How Tax and Spending Policies Affect BC Communities

by Marc Lee, Stuart Murray, Ben Parfitt
May 4, 2005 | BC Office

by Errol Black, Jim Silver
May 2, 2005 | Manitoba Office

by Andrew Jackson
April 29, 2005 | National Office

Why we should say NO to Maples Surgical Centre

by Shauna MacKinnon
April 28, 2005 | Manitoba Office