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Welcome to our complete catalogue of reports and studies (which includes backgrounders, policy briefs, full-length research reports and books). 

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Charting a New Deal for BC, First Nations and the Forests We Share

by Ben Parfitt
January 17, 2007 | BC Office

Winter 2007, Volume 10, Number 1

January 10, 2007 | BC Office

Some statistical observations and policy implications

by Joel Lexchin
January 9, 2007 | National Office

by Shauna MacKinnon
January 4, 2007 | Manitoba Office

Comparing the earnings of Canada's highest-paid CEOs and the rest of us

by Hugh Mackenzie
January 2, 2007 | National Office

by Shauna MacKinnon, Margaret Haworth-Brockman
December 21, 2006 | Manitoba Office

by Andrew Jackson
December 18, 2006 | National Office

by Loretta Gerlach
December 14, 2006 | Saskatchewan Office

by Julie Guard
December 7, 2006 | Manitoba Office

A Profound and Pervasive Role in City Life

by Errol Black
December 7, 2006 | Manitoba Office

A Comparison of High- and Low-Tax Countries

by Neil Brooks, Thaddeus Hwong
December 6, 2006 | National Office

Bridging the Community-Police Divide

by Elizabeth Comack, Jim Silver
December 4, 2006 | Manitoba Office

Inner-City Voices, Community-Based Solutions

November 30, 2006 | Manitoba Office

How BC Bowed to the US and Got Saddled with the Softwood Lumber Agreement

by Ben Parfitt
November 28, 2006 | BC Office


by Pauline Raven, Lesley Frank, Rene Ross
November 24, 2006 | Nova Scotia Office