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The Education Project's flagship publication is Our Schools/Our Selves (OS/OS), a journal subscribed to by hundreds of educators, union officers, and people just like you. It’s a lively, accessible forum for debates and discussion on topics such as Indigenous education, anti-racism classroom programs, sex ed, commercialism, child care, and much more.

At both OS/OS and the Education Project, we work with students, parents and educators to make certain their voices are part of a national conversation on education—one that helps ensure schools are responding to the needs and realities of kids, families and communities. Our work has evolved immensely over the years to explore the critical intersections of education and democracy, identity, labour, and a range of social justice issues. 

OS/OS Summer/Fall 2020 Educating for the Re-emergence | Table of Contents 

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Editorial: Rising tides| Erika Shaker

Are we there yet? | Pamela Rogers

We can't get back to work until child care works | Simon Enoch

Digital technology and BC education | Michelle Gautreaux and Anne Hales

De-confinement | Jacques Brodeur

Show me the money | Amin Ali

Rethinking pink day | Amanda Gebhard

Settling the score | Ardavan Eizadirad

The UN to hold Quebec accountable for its segregated school system | Stéphane Vigneault

Organizing with radical love | The RAD Educators Network

Leaving normal | Vidya Shah and Erika Shaker

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