Housing and homelessness

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This is The summary report of a research project that began in 2015, the primary intention of which was to chart the housing trajectories of former refugees over the course of approximately three years. In this project, we sought to learn about both the challenges and successes that former or resettling refugees (terms that are described below) had in obtaining adequate and affordable housing after arriving in Winnipeg.
The culmination of a 5-year study based on interviews with recently arrived former refugees finds that securing good housing is a key part of successful settlement. However, a tight rental housing market, insufficient financial support and limited supply of public housing means many are barely making ends meet, making resettlement challenging.
This report examines the question what would it take to ensure that everyone has meaningful access to safe, permanently affordable, secure, supported and adequate housing in Nova Scotia?
Halifax, NS— The Canadian Centre for Policy Alternatives-Nova Scotia with the Housing for All Working Group released the report, Keys to a housing secure future for all Nova Scotians today.
A major build-out of affordable housing requires us to stop relying on the current private, for-profit approach in BC and Canada. Instead we need to expand the stock of non-market and co-op housing with public-led approaches and non-profit development.
VANCOUVER -  A non-profit model for building rental housing in Metro Vancouver could deliver substantially lower monthly rents, shows new research released today by the Canadian Centre for Policy Alternatives, BC Office.  
"More than an infectious pathogen," writes Michal Rozworski in his feature analysis for this issue, "the novel coronavirus is a very harsh mirror held up to pre-pandemic reality... It is exposing the true cost of hollowed-out public services, debilitated trade unions, and cross-cutting economic and racial inequality." One year into Canada's battle with COVID-19, this issue of the Monitor explores how the pandemic's arrival has reshaped life and what policy interventions are needed to build a sustainable road to recovery.
This research turned to ten other Canadian cities to ask how municipal housing departments supported the creation of affordable rental housing, and how much staff capacity was dedicated to that effort.  It was surprising to find that every surveyed city (except Winnipeg) had an affordable housing strategy, and that planning documents consistentely cited the creation of affordable rental housing as both a key priority and an area where the municipality could play a role.  However it was equally surprising that nearly half of the surveyed dedicated only one full-time staff towards the creatio
The summer/fall 2020 Our Schools/ Our Selves digs into the underlying issues of equity and access that have been revealed and exacerbated by the COVID-19-related shutdown and subsequent move to online and remote learning; a cross-country scan provides an overview of the various funding mechanisms currently in place for public education in each province and territory to illustrate the link between funding, policy and priorities.